As countries rally around for cleaner,
alternative sources of energy to meet their
needs as well as their commitments as
promised at COP 22 which took place in
Paris, France in 2015, there has been an
increasing shift to solar power.
However, some other countries are
harvesting another natural resource to meet
energy demands–Wind. Yes, Ethiopia, a
nation in East Africa is making a big to
become the largest producer of wind-
generated energy.
In May 2015, the country commissioned the
Adama II wind facility in Nazret; the farm
consisted of 102 turbines, has an output of
153 megawatts and is currently Africa’s
second largest wind farm. The largest single
wind facility is the 301 megawatt Tarfaya
farm situated in Morocco.
Well, Ethiopia’s plan to lead the African
continent is one that seems to be following
a track of improvement, before the Adama II
project came online, in 2013, the Ashedoga
plant with its 84 turbines and a capacity of
120 megawatts to power 100,000 homes
was the largest wind farm in Africa. The
country has two smaller wind farms near
Adama, southeast of Addis Ababa, with a
capacity of 51 megawatts each.
Currently, energy output in Ethiopia is over
4,000 megawatts, which is mainly sourced
from hydroelectric power, however, that is
set to change with the government’s plan to
increase output to about 17,000 megawatts
with wind power playing a major role.
Erratic power supply is still rampant;
according to the World Bank, less than 30
percent of Ethiopia is connected to the
electricity grid and the country needs the
energy to drive economic growth that has
averaged more than 10 percent in the past
Wind power is also expected to offer
benefits for surrounding communities by
providing jobs and the opportunity to
export energy. Already Ethiopia exports
energy to neighbouring countries Kenya
and Sudan.
The target is to become a leading force in
the use of wind power capital is no easy
feat. The government plans to build at least
five more wind farms, and potentially more,
aiming to deliver up to 5,200 megawatts
sourced from wind power in the next four

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